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Did you vehemently nod as you watched the video describing the problems that today’s students face? They are on an obstacle course for which they do not have the required tools and techniques. And this is exactly where Thrive comes in. Our goal is to equip the student to not just get “through” these years but truly be vibrant and thrive in this time.

Thrive is deployed in 2 parts - the first is an in-person collaborative group session where we go over all the concepts of Thrive. This session is to be attended by the student as well as the parents. The second session is a focussed workshop. This is conducted on Zoom, and the student will be guided to work through their specific deliverables. Additionally, the student can opt for individual sessions for personalized attention.

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Thrive Pillars

The Thrive Pillars and the Foundational Principles teach the student what is important in their life, and how to achieve the balance required for success and for mental health.

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Thrive Dashboard

The proprietary Thrive Dashboard is a quantitative representation of the state of a student's life, and helps them identify their gaps and areas that they need to work on. Preparing the Dashboard is the first step towards formulating their personal goals. The Dashboard is private to the student and the student will decide whether to share with Thrive instructors.

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Thrive Workshops

In the Thrive workshops, the student is handheld through planning their upcoming years, starting with a multi-year outlook and coming down to planning their day. Students are also taught how to plan and prepare for exams in order to avoid last minute stress. These are hands-on session with students working on their individual deliverables with guidance from the instructor.

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Thrive Planner

The patented Thrive planner is to allow the student to plan their days. It enables the student to work towards their goals, while at the same time, celebrating wins along the way. It is also the tool that enables the most important factor for goal success - tracking.

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