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Is Thrive a training program?

Thrive  is a unique program that brings in aspects of training, teaching, coaching and mentoring. It is composed of a) a classroom session b) hands-on workshops and c) a mentoring session.

Are you therapists or counsellors?

We are not counsellors, therapists or subject coaches. We ARE guides and mentors that help our students find their drive and become architects of their own lives. 

Can I attend only the workshops and not the classroom session?
The classroom session provides the foundation on which the workshops continue. So a student has to attend the classroom session before any other sessions.


What is the purpose of the mentoring session?

The mentoring session is designed to provide additional guidance for the student to work on plans to address their gaps. If the student requires further guidance and help on an ongong basis, we can provide that as an option (please see the Register page of this website).


What is the location of these sessions?

Currently, the Classroom sessions are conducted in person. The location of the sessions is announced on the Register page, but the currently planned sessions are in hotel conference centers. The Workshop sessions are run online (on Zoom or Google Meet) – these are hands-on sessions where students make their own plans on their laptops live during the session.

Is this program offered outside Bangalore? 
Thrive is currently offered only in Bangalore. Please join our WA group for updates on future sessions, or check back on this site. If you have a specific requirement, please write to us at

How long are these sessions?

The Classroom session is an all-day session, running to a planned 6 hours of instruction, with added time for breaks. The Workshop session is planned for 3 hours.

Is food provided at the Classroom session?

Yes, simple food (lunch) and beverages/snacks is provided for the student and parents at the Classroom session, and the cost is included in the program fee.

How do I register and pay for these sessions?

You can register and pay for a session on the Register page of this website.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please see Terms & Conditions

How can everyone afford this necessary program?

Our goal is to get this program to all students. We can provide varying degrees of fee reduction to students with special financial circumstances.

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